A timetable that ends in tragedy

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 July, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 July, 1994, 12:00am


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EVENTS leading up to the deaths of Gary Alderdice and his Russian lover, Natalia Samofalova, in Vladivostok: August, 1993: Samofalova arrives in Macau from China.

October 8, 1993: She starts work at the Skylight club as a ''dancer''.

January 25, 1994: Alderdice treated in hospital for stab wounds after a violent dispute with his second wife, Pippa, at their Chung Hom Kok home.

March, 1994: Alderdice and Samofalova, who lived in a shared room at the Hotel Fortuna, meet at the Skylight club.

April 5 to May 9: The couple stay at the Westin Resort although she is not registered as a guest.

May 9: Samofalova finishes work at the Skylight club. Later in the month Alderdice returns to Hong Kong and Samofalova returns to Vladivostok and buys a flat.

June 22: Samofalova telephones friends in Macau from a post office in Vladivostock and says Alderdice is flying to see her.

June 23: Alderdice arrives in Vladivostok.

June 24: The couple is murdered at about 3.30 am Friday.

June 24: The bodies are discovered in Samofalova's flat later that day by her mother, Naoiejda, after a neighbour calls the police.

June 25: Police at first wrongly believe the murdered man is a New Zealand diplomat from Singapore.

June 25-26: A Vladivostok man is arrested in connection with the murders.

June 29: A second local man is arrested. Both men are held in the city jail.

July 2: Michael Lunn, QC, arrives in Vladivostok to identify his friend's body.