PUBLISHED : Sunday, 17 July, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 17 July, 1994, 12:00am

ON THIS day 25 years ago: A ship's skipper suggested Hong Kong did not need a containerisation wharf because it could cripple the territory's manufacturing economy.

Captain K. Braendekilde, master of the Chastine Maersk, said Hong Kong would need some container facilities but would also need to rely on palletisation.

He believed the large number of small manufacturers which exported goods overseas meant there was no need for full-scale containerisation, and cost considerations would mean there would always be a need for the pallet-type system. Pallets are small wooden platforms used by fork-lift trucks to carry goods from one point to another.

Since a container cost $46,000 plus yearly maintenance of $1,500, Captain Braendekilde said many people in small industry could not afford it.

In addition, fees charged for using facilities in the container wharf would further increase the burden of the container users.

More importantly though, if small manufacturers used containers in Hong Kong, they would lose money through the loss of space needed for storage.

He suggested Hong Kong should improve its port facilities to handle both containerisation and pallet loadings. Instead of building one special wharf for containers - which would lose money - extra space should be made available for both methods.

The Chastine Maersk discharged about 150,000 cubic feet of pallet cargo and reloaded about 120,000 cubic feet of similar goods in 24 hours while berthed in Hong Kong. It took on deck about 20 per cent above its normal load of containers.

TWENTY-TWO cholera carriers were admitted to a separate dormitory in the Chatham Road Quarantine Centre where they received medicine and treatment to rid them of the disease.

The Medical and Health Department said bacteriological tests of nightsoil samples in East Kowloon showed the presence of the cholera bug, but similar tests of nightsoil from the Western District on Hong Kong Island showed a negative result.