When roaches come a crawling

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 July, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 July, 1994, 12:00am

AN experience by a New York businesswoman, who comes to Hong Kong regularly, reminded her of fine dining tradition. Some restaurants serve pheasant under glass. But how about cockroaches? Jeri Silverman recently dined in a popular Italian restaurant of a well-known five-star hotel. As she dipped into the seafood soup, a leggy creature marched across her fork. Her dinner companion quickly trapped the squirming critter with an empty glass and summoned the waiter.

When Ms Silverman jokingly asked if this was a birthday gift, the young man blushed then whisked away the plates. The manager arrived later and apologies poured forth from the mortified man. Not only was the couple's dinner tab immediately erased, but a bottle of champagne and a birthday cake awaited Ms Silverman in her room.

''It was the second birthday cake that day,'' the celebrant reported. ''The hotel sent me a chocolate one that morning.'' Such largesse is another example of Hong Kong's five-star hospitality.

''Tell your readers to bring a bottle of roaches to their favourite restaurant, order the best food and wine, then turn them loose. I wonder how the Regent would handle this one.'' ARE the Aussies really starving? Or just homesick for lamb pie and buffalo steak. Maybe both. In response to the hordes, the Hotel Nikko has extended the current Australian food festival, until August 7. THE cholera outbreak has resulted in a rash of seafood promotions, assuring the dining public of the restaurant's safe seafood. Pomeroy's in Pacific Place has gone one step further by letting it be known that the fresh produce comes from Australia and New Zealand.

. Each seafood dish is paired with a New World wine suggestion. The promotion runs until August 14.