Mother Teresa's prayer of thanks

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 August, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 August, 1994, 12:00am

WHEN you are a living saint like Mother Teresa miracles must come a little easier than to us lesser mortals.

But even by the revered nun's divinely inspired standards the visit of a group of well-wishers from Hong Kong to her Calcutta headquarters bearing gifts was something else.

''I have been praying for this all night,'' Mother Teresa exulted when Mira Mahtani, chairman of the India Club, presented her with a cheque for one million rupees (HK$246,000) - the proceeds from the recently-staged Miss India Hong Kong pageant.

As Mother Teresa offered up a silent prayer of gratitude, it transpired that the Missionaries of Charity, the world-renowned organisation founded by the Nobel prize-winning nun, had only the previous day taken in 27 destitute women.

The Hong Kong visitors were told that as workers at the already over-crowded refuge worried over how they could cope with the extra burden, Mother Teresa - who is never known to have turned anyone in need away from her door - assured them that ''God will provide''.

The party from Hong Kong included Mira's businessman husband Ramesh Mahtani, Pamela Kapoor, vice-chairman of the India Club and Pooja Raman, Miss India Hong Kong 1994.

And, in addition to the money, they brought with them a large consignment of used clothing donated by club members.

Said Mira: ''Meeting Mother Teresa was both thrilling and touching.

''You cannot help but feel that you are in the presence of someone beautiful and special.

''She invited us to join her for prayers at the chapel. And even though I am not a Christian the atmosphere had me choking with emotion.''