Tai relishes his role in women's domain

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 September, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 September, 1994, 12:00am

WHILE all-male domains like the Hong Kong Club are succumbing to the advance of Nina Ricci and stiletto heels, the likes of Robert Tai are striking a blow for the guys in the opposite direction.

Tai, as his name implies (surely a career path mapped in heaven!), is a personal trainer to tai-tais and operates in the world of all-female fitness centres where the serene surroundings are only disturbed by the patter of tiny feet on the treadmill.

A former British Army soldier who served in the Falklands, he is quick to point out with regard to that South Atlantic altercation that he was no hero - although the tai-tais who manage to stay in wondrous shape thanks to him might tend to disagree.

Tai's usual beat is the swanky Philip Wain fitness studio strictly for ladies in Causeway Bay's Caroline Centre where, we hear, even flamboyant owner Eddie Phillips is not allowed to venture.

So, to ask a silly question, how does Tai manage to cope? 'No problems at all,' he says. 'Sometimes one of the supervisors has to go ahead of me to ensure everyone is properly towelled, but I tell them they don't need to worry.

'The women might feel embarrassed, but I'm certainly not - even though I'm sometimes asked to enter the club through the rear door.'