Beer-guzzlers can opt for early start

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 September, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 September, 1994, 12:00am

YES, how did you guess? It's time to cast our minds to the Oktoberfest - that German inspired beery cavort that has spread abroad from its roots in Bavaria.

And since for some reason when it comes to this particular festival our town appears to abandon the Gregorian calendar and observe the Chinese one instead, the celebration kicks-off in September.

Anyway, since the occasion calls for the downing of copious amounts of beer we see nothing wrong in getting things off to a nice and early start.

That appears to be the rationale of John Girard, GM of Omni the Hong Kong, who informs us that his Bavaria-inspired event will get going tomorrow.

Staying in the same Tsim Sha Tsui neighbourhood, the Holiday Inn Golden Mile will also be holding an Oktoberfest complete with regulation brass band.

But, with every beer drinker's interests taken into consideration, its event won't oom-pah-pah off until October 7 - which is just when Girard's one is ending.

Incidentally, some psychologist might like to offer us a theory as to why the Oktoberfest is something primarily celebrated in Kowloon, but practically ignored on the other side.

Although we must point out that German Consul-General Dr Wolfgang Goettelmann will be crossing the harbour to officiate at the opening of the Omni the Hong Kong Oktoberfest - no doubt, with a jar of Warsteiner in hand.

By the way, Girard tells us that the band being flown over for his celebration is called the Notenhoblers, and that they will be inviting everyone to join them in doing something called the chicken dance.

Anyone planning to attend the festival is, therefore, warned that if the Notenhoblers ask them to do the chicken dance then they'd better obediently comply.

These guys didn't get their name for nothing.