Give all students lockers

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 October, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 1994, 12:00am

IN my school, only floating classes have lockers. However, none of the other students have any lockers.

They have to bring a lot of heavy books to and from school every day. I am one of the pupils who does not have a locker.

Having to carry a heavy satchel full of books is not good for the well-being of students.

All students should be given a locker, no matter what class they are in and they should be provided in both secondary and primary schools.

Some people argue that if they kept all their books in their lockers, they would not do their homework, but I am sure most would exercise self-discipline and take home the books they needed.

Why are so many of the books so heavy? One of the reasons is that publishers make pages of the books thick.

Some students argue that if they were to divide a book into several parts, so you only had to take the part you were studying on a particular day, this would lighten the daily load.

However, I think this would be wasteful, as it would use a lot of paper and this would not be environmentally friendly. One of the reasons that satchels are so heavy, is that students have to carry exercise books and pencils. If they had lockers they could leave a lot of these things in the school. More books should also be printed on recycled paper, in order to help protect the environment.

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