Burglary-hit Disco Bay wants police station

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 April, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 April, 2011, 12:00am


Calls are growing for a permanent police station in Discovery Bay after a recent spate of burglaries.

Residents of the Lantau community have started a petition calling for a police station, a permanent police presence and patrols - not only to act as a deterrent, but to ensure constant patrols of the plaza and residential areas for suspicious activity.

Concerns were heightened after a burglary was reported last Tuesday when a flat in the La Vista complex was broken into and a computer notebook worth HK$10,000 taken.

One resident contacted the Sunday Morning Post to say that in the past few months they had received warning leaflets from the area's City Management group about burglaries in the Beach Village complex.

'I also know of two fairly recent burglaries in the Headland complex, and at least one burglary of a ground-floor unit in La Vista and one in Twilight Court. There are rumours galore about burglaries in Bijou Hamlet,' the resident said.

'The latest burglary happened in 25 Seabird Lane on Monday, March 21. None of the buildings in the Beach Village has any kind of locking device to the common area - anybody who wants to get in only needs to press a button. The owners voted for number keypads to be installed during the last renovation in 2005-06, but that was shelved without explanation.'

Over the past six months, Discovery Bay has seen one to three cases of burglary monthly. While the figures do not suggest a huge problem, Lantau Police District has been deploying policing resources to curb such burglaries.

Of 14 cases reported in the past six months, police said six involved residents failing to lock their windows or doors properly. In five cases, the burglars were thwarted by guard dogs, good locks or alert residents.

'Lantau police have been meeting with Discovery Bay Management Company and its security contractor monthly since July 2009,' a police spokesman said. 'At these meetings, crime information is shared and advice on improvements to security measures is passed on.'

But the resident pointed out that since the closing of the police station, many more complexes have been built. 'There's Neo Horizon, Sienna 1 and 2, Chianti and Amalfi is now close to completion,' the resident said, 'there'll be more to come too.'

Residents have expressed on a variety of internet forums their desire for the return of a permanent police station and constant police presence.

Police say the area is adequately served by beat and mobile patrols deployed from the Lantau North Police Station. This provides coverage for communities in the northern part of Lantau Island, taking advantage of the Discovery Bay Tunnel.