PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 April, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 April, 2011, 12:00am



Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hosted a media event to launch its year-long fifth anniversary celebrations. Over the course of three days, from January 21, more than 800 journalists from 10 countries and regions were entertained. About 200 trade and industry partners, and 100 dignitaries and guests were also invited.


The event's two primary goals were to reinforce the Disney brand and to help the media showcase to their readers and viewers all the enhancements that have come to Hong Kong Disneyland as part of the year-long 'Celebration in the Air'.


Rather than simply tell the media about all that the celebration entails, the resort got them involved in the experience. Complementing formal presentations and business updates were special premieres, entertainment and a gala evening. It also used every opportunity to surprise and delight its guests. Every aspect of the event was rehearsed.


While the Disney team had all the human and technical factors under control, the weather forecast a day before the event predicted a cold first day with occasional rain. This necessitated a detailed rain plan that could accommodate a variety of weather changes.


The event was successfully held with a concerted effort by internal and external stakeholders through advanced planning and the execution of innovative, creative concepts. Despite the worry about unstable weather, it turned out to be a sunny day and the plan was never implemented. The resort says the event generated extensive media coverage throughout the region. It also cemented the resort's status as a true partner to the media and strengthened relationships with strategic business partners.