Try to block out negative energy

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 16 April, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 16 April, 2011, 12:00am


My boss is unreasonably demanding. Would fung shui help? Fanny

If your boss is unfairly difficult and inconsiderate, check if his desk has a sharp corner pointing towards you for it might create shar chi or negative energy that could make you feel intimidated. Try reorienting your desk and sit parallel to him. If this is not possible, put a solid object, such as a low bookcase or a stack of files, between your desk and his table.

If he is sitting directly behind you, this could make you feel threatened. Try to relocate your desk or place a mirror on top of your computer screen that will allow you to see his reflection. Use a plain mirror instead of a Ba Gua mirror with eight trigrams that is either convex or concave. This fung shui mirror should be used outdoors and not indoors, otherwise a shar chi might be generated.

It would be beneficial to assess your astrological compatibility with your supervisor. If your charts are incompatible, then your working relationship with him is not likely to improve over time and you may have to consider working elsewhere.

The Chi Mei Dao Shou, or Emperor's Gate system, will specify what your relationship with your boss will be like and give you an idea of how to deal with conflicts in the workplace. If your supervisor proves unreasonable, it would be better to move to another company.