Will you watch the royal wedding?

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 April, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 April, 2011, 12:00am


Amy Shi-Nash, 40, born in Beijing, lives in Singapore, consultant

'It's a lovely thing to see and it's really nice because in the UK, lots of things are going down and this is giving people real spirit. They knew each other from university. They are a new generation of the royal family and they are good role models. Kate is lovely and they are a good match. We'll be watching it in Singapore where we live.'

John Shi-Nash, 39, born in London, lives in Singapore, sales manager

'Yes, I'll be watching it because it's a link back to the UK. It's one of those really important British things to watch. We'll probably go to the British Association in Singapore, have dinner and watch it there. It's one of the few things that's really truly British anymore. It's very cultural and at the moment, things are going quite badly with the recession so it's nice to lift people's spirits. It's also really good for showcasing the UK; something we can be proud of for a change. It's quite cool and modern. They are a contemporary couple. For us, it's probably as big as the Olympics.'

Janet Tsang, 28, Hong Kong resident

'It's very sweet and I will watch it on TV in Hong Kong, maybe YouTube. I will be in the office so I'll just watch it at work. It's like a fairytale story between the prince and the princess. I want to see what she will be wearing because the media says it's Kate's own design. People in Hong Kong do care about it and are interested in the wedding. I think they are a well-matched couple.'

Jacky Tam, 24, born in Hong Kong, lives in London, accounting controller

'Is it next Friday? I don't know much about it really. I'm a little indifferent to the royal wedding. It's not really related to us. They are royal and we are only ordinary people so I don't think I will watch it. I haven't heard any friends from Hong Kong talk about the royal wedding. I'm a bit worried there will be a terrorist attack during the wedding.'

Candy Tam, 24, born in Hong Kong, lives in London, credit risk professional

'I'm quite busy and if I have time, I might. I'm interested and maybe I will search for a clip on the internet but I don't think I will watch it live. I'm a Christian and I believe in the Lord Jesus so having faith is the most important to me. I will bless them and hope they will believe in the Lord as well, and be saved. My focus is on my Lord. I will pray for them.'

Paul Chen, 64, born in Hong Kong, lives in California, engineer

'I will watch it if I have time. I'm not that interested in it. People that have lived in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, they might still have memories of colonial days. But we have many newcomers here, new immigrants from the mainland and for them, it is just something outside Hong Kong.'

Svetlana Egupova, 30, tourist from Russia

'Yes, I will want to watch it but here it's only on the Chinese channels. I'm interested in the fashion and I'm excited. She's so young and beautiful and I think they are very intelligent and they look good together. I hope they don't divorce ever. Prince William is very good looking and she's very handsome.'

Mohammad Hanif, Hong Kong resident, born in Pakistan

'The royal wedding? I don't know anything about it. I don't care and I'm not interested in it. I understand that it is going on the UK, it's Charles' son, I heard but I'm not interested because I'm a Muslim and I'm not interested in these kinds of celebrities. Most Chinese people don't care, I think. There's still some British influence here so maybe some people are interested.'