High-flying soprano keeps her cool amid challenging curtain call

PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 May, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 16 May, 2011, 12:00am


There's a reason why rehearsals are necessary for soir?es like the annual Boutique Boulevard event at The Landmark.

Before Friday's bash, the champagne and canap? stocks were checked, as were the dancers' dresses and wigs. But one vital prop was overlooked. As a soprano performed in a birdcage, the curtain wouldn't come off and tangled on her face when the cage was lifted to the ceiling.

The soprano kept her cool and, despite a round of giggling among the audience, the incident didn't seem to dim the VIPs' enthusiasm to check out in-store events in over 70 shops and restaurants in The Landmark and nearby Hong Kong Land malls including Alexandra House and Prince's Building.

The Central mall frequenters, socialites and celebrities such as Jeanny da Silva, Bonnie Gokson, Kim Robinson, Alicia Tan, Calvin Ku, Candy Lo Lum and Kathy Chow Man-kei were featured in a photo exhibition created by New York photographer Charlie Wan, which opened to coincide with the event.

Lo said she had a hard time coming up with the pose Wan requested for the photo shoot.

'He wanted a very solemn look like a queen, but I'm normally very bubbly. The only time I would have that fierce look is when I scold my sons,' she said.

It is no wonder she couldn't put on a ferocious look, the happily married socialite's son dressed himself up like Lo's favourite cartoon character, Hello Kitty, to crack her up on Mother's Day.

'I was really moved. I felt my hard work to raise my kids had all paid off.'