Soy sauce

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 May, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 May, 2011, 12:00am


Kowloon Soy Company Light Soy Sauce

No Chinese kitchen would be complete without a bottle of light soy sauce, and this classic, produced by one of Hong Kong's last remaining traditional sauce makers, is one of the best. Made using natural ingredients and age-old, machinery-free techniques, each batch takes four to five months to make. It comes in plastic and glass bottles, but we prefer the latter - they're refillable and add a touch of vintage charm to the kitchen counter.

HK$70, Kowloon Soy Company, 9 Graham Street, Central

Pat Chun Soy Sauce Supreme

Soy sauce is fermented soya beans combined with salt and water and left to mature. 'Supreme' soy sauce is the first batch of sauce that results. Its character is closest to the fermented soya beans from which it is made, and it is slightly richer, thicker and darker in colour than subsequent batches (regular light soy). It's known for bringing out the best flavours in fresh ingredients, and a drizzle or dip before serving will do the trick.

HK$47, Pat Chun, 75 Wellington Street, Central

Pearl River Bridge Organic Light Soy

This classic supermarket brand has come out with a version of light soy sauce that has been certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture and Ecocert, which means it has been made with genetically unmodified soya beans that were grown in soil that has been free of pesticides and other chemical substances for more than three years.

HK$20.80, ParknShop International

Yamato 'He Shi Ho' Raw Soy Sauce Japanese soy sauce is typically sweeter than its Chinese counterpart, and Yamato's is no exception. Made in Kanazawa, western Japan, with natural ingredients and without additional heat (hence 'raw'), this soy sauce has a delicate yet distinct flavour, thanks to the addition of shochu (distilled liquor) and is best used on its own, with raw food or after cooking.

HK$44, City'super, citywide

Yuan's Royal Soy Sauce

Up to 90 per cent soya beans plus water from artesian wells and fermented for at least six months, Yuan's in Yuen Long has become a global cult phenomenon. Started by biochemist Tsang Heh-kwan, the firm's claim to fame is this soy sauce, a Fujian rendition stronger in both taste and colour than the Guangdong style. It's not cheap, but a few drops go a long way.

HK$160, City'super, citywide