PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 May, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 May, 2011, 12:00am


Communication skills can be useful

Communication is important. With better skills, we can communicate more easily. This can help with our school work.

Students have lots of presentations and oral tests, so communication skills can get us higher marks. Such skills can also increase students' confidence.

Good communication skills can reduce conflict and misunderstanding. If we get our message across to others clearly, they can respond correctly. Then there won't be any trouble.

There are many advantages to having good inter-personal skills. You would find it much easier to deal with others and life would be a lot more enjoyable.

Tiffany Chan Hiu-ching

How corporal punishment helps

There is a popular saying: 'Spare the rod, spoil the child.' Nowadays, people are divided over the pros and cons of corporal punishment. Some people say it can scar a child's mind, while others believe it can help discipline a child.

Corporal punishment usually means spanking or slapping with an open hand.

Some people say this sort of physical punishment can destroy the parent-child relationship. But, really, it is only one way of dealing with naughty children. For example, the parent could still talk to the child, and point out what he had done wrong.

There is no magic formula for all children - it is just a question of parents finding the right balance and showing their kids what is right and wrong.

Corporal punishment can work because most older people were spanked when they were children. And they have no scars, physically or mentally. According to Confucius, the right kind of corporal punishment can make a child behave well. It is better than spoiling them.

I agree that parents should talk to their children and care about them. But they should not pamper their kids. Mild physical punishment may be needed - it makes a child more obedient and disciplined.

The right kind of corporal punishment helps a child's development.

Man Ching-han, Sun Fong Chung College

Need for foreign medical staff

In his article, 'Foreign talent could cure hospital resources ills' (South China Morning Post, May 11), Albert Cheng King-hon says public hospitals in Hong Kong are short of staff and have limited resources.

Pregnant women from the mainland who arrive in Hong Kong to give birth are adding to the problems.

I think the only solution is to open up the medical market.

Hiring foreign talent can ease the workload. They are well-trained and experienced, while training local medical staff takes time. Locals can learn by working alongside the foreigners.

Some may fear foreign doctors will compete with local talent. The government should strive to achieve a balance by limiting the numbers. Also, foreign staff should only be allowed to work in public hospitals.

The shortage of doctors and nurses poses a serious threat to the healthcare system in Hong Kong. Building new hospitals will not help much. What is needed is foreign talent.

Grace Luk, YWCA Hioe Tjo Yoeng College

Killing bin Laden means more tragedy

The news that the US military had killed Osama bin Laden shocked the world. Many people think this is great news, including US President Barack Obama, who later gave a speech to the nation.

However, I see it in a different way. I think there will be more killings in the future.

It is true that their leader is dead, but the terrorists will find another person to take bin Laden's place. The terrorists now have a very clear reason to kill Americans: 'revenge.'

When people take revenge, things get nasty. Bin Laden's last recording was a threat to the United States that the terrorists would act soon, and Americans should not dream that they can be safe.

Compassion is always needed, and at this moment, we should pray for bin Laden and hope he can rest in peace. Peace cannot be attained when we keep taking revenge on each other. If another war breaks out, all of us will be losers. This is the last thing we want.

Crystal Leung, Hang Seng School of Commerce