At least two killed, six hurt in Jiangxi blasts

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 May, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 May, 2011, 12:00am


At least two people were killed and six others injured yesterday in three explosions suspected to have been triggered by a disgruntled Jiangxi petitioner outside government buildings.

Xinhua said the suspect behind the serial explosions, Qian Mingqi, a 52-year-old jobless resident of the Linchuan district in Fuzhou, in the central province of Jiangxi, died at the site of one of the blasts. Another person died in hospital, while three of the injured were in critical condition.

Qian was said to be upset over an illegal land requisition by authorities and at having been unable to seek redress after nine years of petitioning.

The three blasts, at Fuzhou's procuratorate office, the Linchuan district government office and the district's food and drug administration, occurred within 27 minutes - between 9.18am and 9.45am. Police said the first and the third blasts were car bombs, while the second occurred on the ground floor of the district government office.

The authorities did not release details of the explosive used or how Qian had co-ordinated the blasts. Xinhua reported that the prosecutor's office and the district government office were just minutes apart.

State media reported that windows from the ground to the third floor of the eight-storey prosecutor's office were shattered. Police were forced to seal off roads linking the prosecutor's office and district government office, fearing more blasts.

China News Service quoted witnesses as saying that cars parked outside the district government office were destroyed in that blast, with car parts found 100 metres away.

A microblog allegedly belonging to Qian said a six-storey building he owned was illegally demolished by the authorities in 2002 to make way for an expressway. Despite suffering a loss of more than two million yuan (HK$2.39 million), Qian received only about 252,000 yuan in compensation. The microblog had attracted more than 13,000 fans by last night.

'My house was illegally demolished by government leaders without paying the compensation that was owed me by law,' the microblog says. 'I have petitioned over the case during the past decade but couldn't seek redress - what can I do?

'I want to learn from Dong Cunrui and hope I can receive the public's support and attention.'

Dong was a People's Liberation Army soldier who carried an explosive package into a bunker in 1948 during the civil war.

The microblog, with the earliest posting in November last year, said Qian tried Fuzhou People's Court, petitioned the Fuzhou procuratorate's office and the Supreme People's Procuratorate, but failed to gain justice and was forced to return to Fuzhou by the authorities. It also made several mentions of a news report about an earlier bomb attack on a police station in Wuhan. 'Seven of my neighbours also suffered economic losses ranging from one to two million yuan ... but some 10 million in compensation was embezzled by the Linchuan district's cadres,' it said.

The microblog claimed that an expressway flyover - built on their land at a cost of tens of millions of yuan - was demolished after 34 months.

Mainland journalists said they had been banned from independent reporting of the blasts and all media had been told to use Xinhua's dispatches. Journalists who arrived at a press conference in Fuzhou were taken away by the authorities and told to stay in a guest house.