Clement Cheng, film director

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 29 May, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 29 May, 2011, 12:00am


What I'm listening to: The Party Ain't Over by Wanda Jackson and Jack White. It's so retro, so classic rock. A woman who is in her 70s still rocking with this mix of old school and modern rock. And I turn to Neil Young and Santana when I need peace.

What I'm reading: Philip Yancey's Disappointment With God and his Prayer. He's the most truthful Christian author I have read and he really provokes thought about religion, which is a big part of my life.

What I'm watching: I'm really getting into How I Met Your Mother. It's not a normal sit-com, it's really different the way they shoot it, and the script blows me away. There's laughter, clich?s and in the end it moves you. It's like Friends on drugs.

What I'm playing: there's really only one game I play and that's NHL for PlayStation3. I'm a huge hockey fan.

What I'm surfing: Google Translate. It really helps, especially for things like the Cannes festival. There was so much coverage in French it really helped me keep track of everything.