Rewarding full-body workout will keep you engaged

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 31 May, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 May, 2011, 12:00am


Nike Training Club - Free
Rating 10/10

It took me a mere 39 minutes to complete my first 30-minute Nike Training Club (NTC) app workout, transitioning anything but smoothly through the 22 exercises of the beginners' Conditioning Corps class. I had expected it to take several hours, if not days, to learn all the exercises correctly, so I was thoroughly encouraged.

I am a straight-line 'athlete'. Put me on a path and I will jog along quite happily; put me in a step class and I will fall off the step. So fortunately, the NTC app is something you can work at in the privacy of your home.

Nobody was watching as I paused at just about every exercise transition to watch the video of the stylishly-clad Nike athlete demonstrate the exercise with ease. Nobody saw as I collapsed on the floor midway through an 'opposite arm/leg superman', dreading the 'ding' for the start of a new exercise every one to two minutes.

At the final 'ding', however, the soothing yet firm voice of my 'trainer' congratulated me and told me that I had unlocked a Nike reward. I was thrilled and, on an endorphin high, promised myself I would carry on.

The NTC app is a full-body training app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch, with more than 60 workouts put together by a Nike professional trainer. The workouts are grouped according to fitness level and goal, whether your aim is to be toned, lean or strong. You can log your progress and as you do your time, you gain reward badges, which ultimately allow you to unlock exclusive celebrity workouts.

My reward was simply being able to complete the workout within the prescribed time, which I did on the third attempt.

While I choose to do the workout in the privacy of my own home, you could do yours anywhere, which makes it a perfect app for business travellers. You can also get social with NTC; there is a Hong Kong Facebook page where you can post your results and find Nike friends. You can even go to a live NTC class with real people at California Fitness - but you won't see me there.