Best colours for job interview

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 11 June, 2011, 12:00am


You may suddenly discover that you have been laid off or that your company has folded. You may have felt that you could no longer work in a stressful environment, or that you are no longer fulfilled at work.

Regardless of the reason, you can always use fung shui principles to guide your job search.

First, consider having your Chinese astrological chart analysed - the time, day, month and year of your birth - as this will allow the fung shui master to identify your positive and negative elements, and pinpoint the kind of work that is suitable for you. For instance, if metal is your best element, then look for positions in finance and law. If fire is your worst element, it would not be advisable to look for work in the advertising and hospitality industries.

The current stage of your life is also identified - whether you are going through a good or bad luck cycle. Still, you can always maximise your chances of success by choosing a suitable time based on the Tong Seng Chinese almanac, which lists the elements and zodiac animals for each day.

When called for an interview, you can wear clothes with the most positive colours from your astrological chart. For instance, if water is your best element, dress in blue and black. If it is earth, wear yellow, brown, beige and other earth tones.

Some fung shui masters suggest that you wear or carry a pendant belonging to the zodiac animals that are positive for your chart. Take note that these animals may not necessarily be under your year of birth.

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