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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 June, 2011, 12:00am


Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions

1 According to Nicky Wong Chun-kin, why did students at City University vote against the student union's cabinet?

a. The students were angry about some of the points in the cabinet's election proposal.

b. Most members of the cabinet are academic underachievers, so students don't think they're worthy of such positions.

c. Some of the candidates were executives last year, and the students think they have not done enough to prevent a price rise in the canteen.

d. Students thought the cabinet had a poor promotion campaign.

2 What does Oliver Liu Yi-zhou think is the reason for political indifference at local universities?

a. The students simply think it is a waste of time.

b. Parents discourage them from taking part in politics.

c. Students are afraid they will be arrested if they say anything provocative.

d. The rising number of mainland students at local universities.

3 According to Professor Paul Yip Siu-fai, young Hongkongers ...

a. seem to be more active than before, but the way they take part is different from in the past.

b. prefer expressing their views through violent means.

c. do not care about politics.

d. like to sit on committees.

4 Oxford University students are pressing British universities to protest against government policies such as ...

a. banning smoking in campus.

b. a price rise in canteens.

c. the sacking of some popular professors.

d. increased tuition fees.

Think about

1 Why do young Hong Kong people take so little interest in what's going on at university and government level?

2 Why do you think young people in Europe are more involved in politics?

3 Should young Hongkongers be more involved in politics?


1 The housing authorities promised to provide _____________ housing for first-time buyers, but these new flats are very expensive.

2 His mother is very _____________ - he's not allowed to go out without her, or wear jeans during the week.

3 Most members of the _____________ have a similar view on this issue - I think they want to please the voters.


Reading comprehension: 1. c, 2. d, 3. a, 4. d

Vocabulary: 1. affordable, 2. conservative, 3. cabinet