What's being said on facebook.com/southchinamorningpost

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 June, 2011, 12:00am


On drivers waiting for employers outside their offices and illegally parked on busy roads in Central:

Herman Lam - Tell them to leave or give tickets. It is making the congestion worse. Double yellow lines help. Setting up no-stopping zones may do. But to punish harshly is the key to reducing the number of drivers who do this.

Keith Ko - They are selfish and will not bear the double yellow lines' penalty in mind ... I would suggest suspending the driver's licence for the next day and if the driver gets caught driving on the next day, the car will be impounded for one day. That may scare them.

On a property developer's advert for a counsellor to meet residents forced out of their homes:

Sandy London - It's not ethical for a social worker to work for a developer who has forced residents out [of] their home. I agree this should be made public. But not on Facebook! It could jeopardise the rights of the residents involved. Where will they live now? Make the developer pay costs to these residents if they have to move. If it has to be made public, make it known to the public in the media. The developer will get the message, 'Name and Shame''!!

On a survey that found that many liberal studies teachers think the use of torture is acceptable in police investigations to obtain evidence:

Logan Man Pok-so - What do you expect? Many of us in Hong Kong were hit by our parents when we were kids. Back in the 90s, physical punishment was not rare in school. It's no coincidence that these kids are all grown up now and some are teachers. And torturing others seems to be one way to get whatever result they want. Although I personally object to torture of any kind.