Face up to it boys, beauty trips are not for everyone

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 19 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 19 June, 2011, 12:00am


Leon Li Ka-wai, 22, graduate

'I use spot cream for my pimples. It's called benzyl peroxide. I use moisturisers, but that's it. I only get massages when I'm on holiday. I don't think we need eyebrow waxing - that's too feminine. It will make guys look too ladylike and I think girls don't like guys who are too polished.'

Inesa Kasperaitiene, 29, dancer

'I'm not a fan of male grooming. A man needs to take care of his body, to be in good shape, that's it. In Hong Kong, male grooming is definitely normal for people, maybe because of the weather here. In my country, Lithuania, they have a different style. Hong Kong men are more image-conscious. They really want to look good; they don't mind doing these kinds of things.

Mindaugas Banys, 33, dancer

'I don't specifically go anywhere for facials, but of course I take care of myself and I like to sunbathe. I use moisturising cream or whatever. I'm a dancer, so I need to look good. I'm open to going to a salon for a facial. Everybody is different; everybody has a choice, right? Eyebrow waxing and eyelash tinting is too much. I like it when a man is a man, when he looks natural.'

Wu Nga-lee, 28, saleswoman

'I don't like guys with make-up because I like boys to be natural. If they wear make-up, it looks unnatural and they look like girls. It's good if they look after their skin. Masks are OK, but no make-up.'

Queenie Wong, 21, student

'It's OK for men to care about their appearance because it's important in society. Facials for men are getting more and more popular in Hong Kong and this is borne out by the amount of advertising. It's also important because sometimes pimples are disgusting. My friend's husband, who is in his forties, gets facials. As for make-up on men, if you are an artist or model, it's OK.'

Ross Irwin, 20, student

'I think everyone should do whatever they want to. It's up to the individual. Some women might like men who are well groomed. Some like ones who wear aftershave.