PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 June, 2011, 12:00am



This small fruit, about 10cm in diameter, has a grassy green exterior with dark, scraggly green lines. The thin skin protects a very bright, porous red flesh with an acceptable amount of juice. For a more grown-up pool party, they could serve as individual portions of vodka watermelon, but that's only if you don't mind the profusion of small white seeds.

HK$19.90, ParknShop

Black Beauty

This very large ovoid has a smooth, shiny, attractive dark green skin. Once cut open, however, we found the flesh tough and dense, and even a little rubbery. The decent amount of juice did little to make up for the unremarkable sweetness, a lack of crispness and the aesthetically dull red flesh.

HK$16.90, ParknShop

Taiwanese Yellow Watermelon

Light minty green with forest green stripes, the size of a basketball, this watermelon doesn't look particularly different, but once cut open, its banana-yellow flesh is revealed. It's quite juicy and is the sweetest of the five melons, even with a hint of honeysuckle, but it lacks the freshness we crave during these hot months.

HK$39.90, larger branches of Wellcome

Mini Watermelon

This watermelon is about the same size as the Bambino, but is a slightly paler green and has thinner and untidier stripes. Take a big bite into the deep red flesh and you'll be rewarded with a gratifying crunch with far fewer seeds, and an abundance of light, fresh juices, making it the perfect summer thirst quencher.

HK$20.90, Wellcome

Jade Melon

This Japanese melon is the size of a soccer ball, in deep, solid green with dark inky lines. The flesh, by contrast, carries a hue of washed-out, pinkish red. Bursting with juice, this melon tastes much like the others, but has a distinct, sandy texture that dissolves almost like loose honeycomb. It's also full of black seeds, disconcertingly - although at this price, you might hope to be able to grow your own.

HK$299, Apita, Taikoo Shing