Solaris: The Definitive Edition

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 June, 2011, 12:00am


Solaris: The Definitive Edition
by Stanislaw Lem (read by Alessandro Juliani)
Audible Frontiers (audiobook)

It is 50 years since Stanislaw Lem published his groundbreaking work of science fiction, which fused brilliant plotting, atmospheric descriptions of outer space and philosophic musings on love, desire, solitude and the imagination. Adapted in 1972 by Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, it was remade 30 years later by Stephen Soderbergh. Download audiobook pioneer Audible has marked Solaris' half century in admirable style, with a new translation read by Alessandro Juliani (Felix Gaeta of the Battlestar Galactica television series). It is the strange story of Kris Kelvin, who arrives on a space station orbiting the planet Solaris. The planet's radiation has affected all the crew with different forms of madness. In Kelvin's case, he sees a vision of his lover, Rheya, who committed suicide after he walked out on her. Only, this is Kelvin's vision of Rheya, his heart's desire, not the real woman he loved. Lem explores the issues with intensity. The new translation and Juliani's reading do the Polish author proud. A landmark in audiobook history.

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