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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2011, 12:00am


Reading comprehension

1 According to Trisha Leahy, sports will suffer unless ...

a. the government spends more money on sports facilities.

b. athletes are given more flexibility in their academic schedules.

c. more scholarships are given to outstanding local athletes.

d. Hong Kong organises a major sports event.

2 Top fencer Au Sin-ying's dream of winning an Olympic medal would be more realistic if ...

a. she had a tougher physique.

b. she did not have to attend school because it is a waste of time.

c. she did not have to work part-time to earn extra money for her family.

d. she had flexibility in her academic schedule.

3 According to Au, why don't some parents let their children spend time on sports?

a. Because they think academic achievement is the most important thing in life.

b. Because they do not think their children can become outstanding athletes.

c. Because they hate sports themselves.

d. Because they fear their children will easily get hurt.

4 Hayley Chan Hei-man thinks that a year's sabbatical would enable her to ...

a. relax after intense training and competitions for so many years.

b. self-study.

c. travel around with her family.

d. prepare and aim for short-term goals.

Think about

1 What are the pros and cons of giving local athletes a more flexible academic schedule?

2 How many extra years should local athletes be given to finish their degree? Why?

3 Is giving local athletes a more flexible academic schedule the only way for them to get outstanding results? Why?


1 I'll sell you what you desperately want for a price I am happy with. It's a ......................

2 The institute is confident that its .............. rowing machine will help them win an award in the competition next month.

3 A lot of ...................... investors have been scared away by the corruption scandal.


Reading comprehension: 1. b, 2. d, 3. a, 4. d

Vocabulary: 1. win-win situation, 2. state-of-the-art, 3. potential