PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2011, 12:00am


Belief in God is not superstition

Many people think that God is not real. They say the biblical stories are just fables and superstitions. I disagree. I think God does exist.

The Bible says that God created humans in His own image. He gave us wisdom to use it in our lives. I think our progress over time is a testament to God's grace.

The Bible also records that Jesus, the Son of God, came to the world to atone for our sins. For this we must thank God. We are sinners, but God always forgives us - just like a kind parent.

In addition, we can learn from God. We can study the Bible and use its wisdom to solve our problems peacefully.

God is amazing. He can do impossible things. He is kind and forgiving.

Emily Wong Wai-tung, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Moral values subject is ill-conceived

A new subject that focuses on developing students' moral values is going to be introduced soon. Its aim is to enhance children's sense of belonging to the motherland while also teaching them about traditional Chinese moral values. Teachers will be given the freedom to decide how to teach students.

I doubt whether this subject will bring benefits to children. There are no formal guidelines for teachers, and as different teachers hold different views of our motherland, they will teach dissimilar views to their students. That will really be harmful to the next generation.

In addition, Hongkongers enjoy freedom of speech. On the mainland, people who refuse to obey the government might well find themselves in prison, like dissident Liu Xiaobo .

Somehow I feel that the new subject is meant to turn Hong Kong students into obedient followers of Beijing's policies with the help of patriotic education.

How terrifying it could be if young generations became brainwashed and lost their critical-thinking skills.

I agree that it is necessary to strengthen national education. But there should be no promotion of any political ideology in the syllabus.

Josephine Tai Chi-ching

Light pollution is a serious problem

Walking in Mong Kok at night, I can see that the streets are full of bright advertising lights. The sky above Mong Kok is lit up by neon signs.

I cannot see a single star in the sky. What has happened to the sky? Why are there no stars? It is time for us to consider the effects of light pollution in Hong Kong.

Light pollution is mainly caused by advertising lights. The government has just introduced guidelines for regulating the number of lights in commercial areas. Yet these guidelines are definitely not enough to solve the problem.

The government should set new laws for controlling the number of lights used by businesses. For example, shops should turn off their neon lights after 11pm. Some foreign countries have already enacted laws to restrict the time during which advertising lights can be used.

The government should draft a well-planned policy to solve the problem of light pollution.

As citizens, we also have a duty to protect our environment. We can reduce the number of lights used at any one time by turning on lights at home only when necessary.

Dimmer switches are also an effective way to reduce the impact of light pollution.

We can alleviate light pollution if we co-operate. Let's work together.

Joyce Tsui, St Mary's Canossian College

3D is not necessary for a good movie

More and more movies have 3D versions and I have even heard some people say that they won't ever watch a 2D film again.

I disagree with them. I think that whether a film is good or not does not depend on whether it is in 3D. The most important things should be the plot, the directing and the acting. In fact, many 3D movies are quite boring.

I think some directors have been lured into a wrong mindset where they pay more attention to gimmicks than to good story-telling.

The 3D effect only works well in certain cases and often it does not make a movie more exciting.

I hope movie makers will change their thinking. They should produce movies that are exciting because of their plots, not just because they are made in 3D.

Ho Ching