Soul Commotion back in the groove

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 November, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 25 November, 1994, 12:00am

ONE of the live music highlights of last year was the special unplugged jam hosted by the Soul Commotion in Mad Dogs Central.

Well it's about to happen again in the pub's new premises in D'Aguilar Street and special guests from some of the best bands round town will be on hand to help out with the acoustics special.

If you missed it last year, you've got another chance to catch it this Thursday from 9pm.

Tonight: Malaysian singer Martin Kanu and his band play a selection of classics from the 60s and 70s 'in the park outside the Hong Kong Arts Centre,' from 9pm.

Steve Laue is back with his new band Flash Harry to play a different selection of classic covers in The Wanch from 10pm.

DJ Mickey Smith and his Rebirth Of Cool review will be grooving at Ritz Carlton's Cossack's Vodka Bar with acid jazz from midnight.

Captain Mabullah take their infectious grooves to the L.A. Cafe from 11.30pm.

The Ricky Aranas Group head for the friendly confines of China Max around 10pm.

Georgie Fame continues his string of gigs at the Jazz Club with special guest Guy Barker, from 9.30pm.

Tomorrow: Matchbox are back in Mad Dogs Central playing a convincing selection of Beatles songs from 10pm.

The PNS bring their hard and fast originals to The Wanch from 10pm.

Shotgun guitarist Eugene Pao and friends smoke up China Max with hot jazz from 10pm.

Wan Chai's favourite folkie, Bambi, takes his acoustics offering to Carnegies from 9pm.

Judgement AD will feature the reggae delights of Captain Mabullah from 10pm.

Late music at the L.A. Cafe will feature a little Dixieland from the South China Strolling Jazzmen.

Don't forget it's Saturday Night Open Mike in the Fringe Club from 10pm.

Far East Far Out are at Portico from 11pm, and The Rock Gang take to Amoeba from 10pm.

Sunday: Los Ocho Latinos De La Placitas perform from 3.30pm in the La Placita Mexican Restaurant in Times Square.

Dave Colquhoun plays acoustic blues and rock in Mad Dogs Central in the afternoon.

Bambi is in Carnegies from 9pm.

And Georgie Fame and Guy Barker take to the Jazz Club from 9.30pm.

Monday: The Musical Mystery Tour take to the Jazz Club from 9pm.

Tuesday: Radio Free Hong Kong in the Music Union will feature alternative delights from Scaffold and Beirut Carpark along with special guests from 9pm.

Funksters Ube head for the Jazz Club to showcase their alternative style of jazz, from 9.30pm.

Guitarist Rikki Aranas will play at the Waterside Inn in Disco Bay from 8pm.

Dave Colquhoun gets into his acoustic blues and rock in Mad Dogs Central from 9pm.

Wednesday: The new Godown features the New Orleans Jazz Quartet from 9.30pm.

Dave Colquhoun gets into his acoustics at Mad Dogs Central from 9pm.

Made In China Max make a welcome return to China Max from 10pm, and the Victoria Jazz Band play in the Jazz Club from 9.30pm.

Music Of This Century in the Fringe Club will feature the Avant String Quartet from 6.15pm.

Thursday: Splash It About head for Carnegies to play classic covers from 10pm.

Georgie Fame and Guy Barker in the Jazz Club from 9.30pm and Ricky Aranas plays China Max from 10pm.

Plus: Broadway Express every Thursday and Saturday in Faces Restaurant and Bar from 9pm, for a limited time only.

Steve Andreason performs at the Bostonian in the Hong Kong Renaissance Hotel nightly from 5pm.

Sammy strums it up at The Wanch most nights from 10pm. John 'Buddy' Conner tantalises Quo quo's Piano Bar nightly, from 8pm.

House band C.C. Ryders play rock, soul and blues nightly in JJ's from 9.30pm.

Singer-pianist Walter Troelsen performs nightly at Gripps, in the Omni Hong Kong Hotel, from 8.30.