Party colour on parade in KMT's old town

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 July, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 July, 2011, 12:00am


Chongqing, the temporary capital of the Kuomintang - the Communist Party's rival - during the war against Japan in the 1940s is planning to make itself an important centre of revolutionary history by building a 'red theme park' that will feature the world's largest flags.

The park, covering 128 hectares, a little bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland, will be built in the municipality's southern Nanchuan district over the next four years at a cost of about 2.5 billion yuan (HK$3 billion).

It will have three sections: a performance area, a theme park area, and 'red business area' that will include at least three red business hotels and a red shopping street, the Chongqing Evening News reported yesterday.

It said the performance area would be full of revolutionary symbols, including a national flag measuring 1,949 square metres and a party flag measuring 1,921 square metres. The People's Republic was founded in 1949 and the Communist Party was founded in 1920.

'The flags will make it into Guinness World Records as the largest flags ever,' the newspaper quoted Chen Xiaofeng, chief executive of Chongqing Red Classics Investment, the park's operator, as saying. Red Classics Investment says the theme park area will feature many famous scenes, including a model of the boat where the first party congress was held and the landmarks of famous places used by the party central committee as its headquarters, such as Jinggang Mountain in Jiangxi, Yanan in Shaanxi, and Xibaipo in Hebei .

Chongqing, in the southwestern region, never had a red tradition before 1949 because it was always under KMT control. But it has since become the centre of a red culture wave spreading across the mainland since Bo Xilai became its party secretary in late 2007.