Thanks for the memory

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 July, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 July, 2011, 12:00am


When you attend a wedding, it's always a nice surprise when you find out what you will receive as a wedding favour.

And, with more couples putting their own stamp of individuality on their big day, that little gift is growing into a plethora of thank-you presents.

'Couples are ordering a wide range of wedding favours, for male and female guests, and there are older guest gifts too,' says Wylis Chiu, founder of Flare Paper n' Style (

With a range of wedding favours such sandalwood fans, handmade soaps, cupcakes and chocolates, Chiu says the most popular choice is the oversize replica of a diamond ring.

'It's a key chain, but some people also use it as a napkin holder. Then a couple will usually put on a gift tag or monogram it,' she explains.

If you wanted an added personal touch, some brides- and grooms-to-be write a loving phrase on a gift tag.

'Some, who want to be playful, will put 'how sweet it is to be loved by you' which has a double meaning. The couple love each other and they are loved by the guests.'

To customise packaging, Chiu recommends ordering a quantity of 300, about four weeks before the wedding. Depending on the quantity, each wedding favour ranges from about HK$30 to HK$45.

If you want to splash out on your guests, Chiu says they are able to accommodate premium wedding favours such as wine glasses or tea sets. 'We'll help them order it and do the packaging as well,' she says.

For those with a sweet tooth, many couples indulge in chocolate wedding favours. At Patchi (, the company's sales and marketing manager Carman Lau in Hong Kong says the decorated chocolate collection is a favourite. Many couples opt for plain milk or dark chocolate in a heart shape, with chocolates starting at about HK$25 to HK$60.

Vivien Fung, general manager at The Candle Company (, says couples can choose a large range of scented candles in custom designs. 'They like anything to do with wedding cakes, flowers or maybe a symbol that shows their love or happiness - like double happiness [characters] or a heart-shaped box.'

For the design, Fung says they can create whatever springs to mind.

'We've had custom-made orders of mini-wedding cakes, two pears symbolising a pair [of two people together] or a pair of sandals that represent a tropical wedding,' she explains.

And for brides who love floral scents, the company stocks a large variety of oils, from champagne rose and ginger lily to paradise garden.

If you want a customised candle, make sure you order in advance as candles can take three to four months to make.

'If it's a very complex design with hand-painting or if the couple want to make changes, it takes time,' she says. The company can also design the box and add a printed ribbon.

Prices start at around HK$20 per candle.

'With a candle, it's hand-painted, sculptural and can be lit,' Fung says.