Opposites attract as chance brings couple together in an online instant

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 16 July, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 16 July, 2011, 12:00am


Kellie Man met Dan Yap at the primary school where they worked three years ago. She was the pretty and popular English teacher new to town, having grown up in Scotland, and he was the shy, local born-and-bred physical education teacher.

'I thought he was really not my type,' Kellie, 24, recalled. 'I didn't take notice of him at first. I just passed him off as a typical Hong Kong guy. Life is ironic sometimes. In a good way, though. The person I never gave much thought to turned out to be the one who will be on my mind for the rest of my life.'

Kellie and Dan, 25, were married on March 13 at The Peninsula hotel in front of about 120 friends and relatives.

When they worked in the same school, Kellie and Dan barely spoke. 'I tried to start a conversation with him once but he always gave me one-line answers. I wasn't too amused,' Kellie said.

They started talking a few months later, in September 2009, when Kellie took part in a two-month exchange programme in Melbourne, Australia.

'I was rearranging my MSN friend list and before deleting his screen name I asked him who he was. That was how everything began,' Kellie said.

For two months, they kept in touch via MSN and phone calls. When Kellie came back, Dan went to pick her up at the airport.

'Actually, I was struggling over whether I should go or not because I was on the Hong Kong taekwondo team and our training schedule was very tight. I'm glad, though, that I showed up at the airport,' Dan said.

When Dan dropped Kellie off at her home, he met her parents briefly.

'That was quite awkward. Even though I was super tired from the eight-hour flight, we still went out to watch a movie,' Kellie recalled.

In the cinema, Kellie rested her head on Dan's shoulder for the first time, signalling the start of their relationship. Ten days later, the lovebirds bought their wedding rings. 'I knew everyone would have thought we'd gone mad, so we didn't tell anyone,' Kellie said. 'But really, it was just the right timing, right person and everything was just right. I've been with guys who only want to meet girls for fun, but Dan took our relationship very seriously from day one.'

Kellie never thought she'd marry a local Hongkonger, even though her parents are from the city. She'd expected to end up with someone with a similar background - someone of Chinese origin but an overseas upbringing.

'You can call it the attraction of opposites. We like different things - food, music and many other things, but I like him because he's so passionate about what he does and you should see him with the kids. He's so caring,' Kellie said.

Dan also never thought he'd marry someone like Kellie. 'Especially not an English teacher. It was certainly not my favourite subject at school. I'm a lucky dog,' he said. 'It's good that we can always learn something from each other. Also, Kellie is a very funny girl. She laughs a lot and I always have so much fun being with her.'

The couple spent their April honeymoon in Bali. They are now in Scotland visiting Kellie's friends and relatives.