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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 17 July, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 17 July, 2011, 12:00am


Egg is a wonderful, nutritious food, conveniently wrapped in its own protective container. It's used throughout the world in a mind-boggling variety of dishes. In Chinese cuisine, it appears in everything from home-style dishes, such as the humble scrambled egg with tomato, to the more extravagant crab egg foo yung. The latter dish is particularly delicious: the egg provides a platform to extend the succulence of the fresh crab; and texturally, the long fibres of the crab meat give assertiveness to the creamy egg. When enjoyed with this dish, a wine needs to connect the egg's creamy texture with the sweetness of the crab. Here are some of the best.

Dom Perignon 2002

If there's a softer, creamier champagne in the world than Dom Perignon, I haven't tasted it. This champagne combines seamlessly with the crab and egg dish. The richness of the champagne is further heightened by the sweetness of the meat, while the soft gas gently but persistently expands the creaminess of the scrambled egg. The wine's savoury acidity supports both main ingredients and gives them more definition.

Available for HK$1,038 at Watson's Wine Cellar (tel: 2606 8828)

Charles Melton Rose of Virginia 2010, Barossa Valley, Australia

Egg and rose wines are both culinarily versatile - their characters change depending on what they're paired with. The most striking link between this lovely, friendly rose and the egg is apparent when fresh coriander is added to the dish. It brings a savoury dimension and gives the combination added depth. It may just be a simple splash of green, but the coriander brings out the red fruit in the rose the freshness of the crab and the richness of the egg. It's a great match.

Available for HK$179 at Oliver's (tel: 2869 5119)

Wooing Tree Blondie Pinot Noir 2010, Central Otago, New Zealand

A white pinot? This is common in the Champagne region of France, where it's known as blanc de noir - or white wines from black grapes (again, from pinot noir). This cheekily named wine has all the richness and freshness of pinot noir, and, of course, it's made without oak. The Blondie has the weight of a red wine but the zestiness and lively acidity of a white. Even without food, it's a lovely drink. But it's especially delicious with simple antipasti, prosciutto or Iberico ham, and, of course, crab meat egg foo yung.

Available for HK$270 At Style Wine (

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