STEAM work

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 July, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 July, 2011, 12:00am


There are many ways to cook, but steaming is a firm favourite with the Chinese. That doesn't mean top European companies are ignoring this market. Some state-of-the-art steaming appliances are made by European firms.

One reason is that it is a healthier way of cooking than frying or deep frying.

'The steamer is very useful. You can cook almost anything with it,' says Daisy Tang, assistant manager of product marketing at Siemens Homes Appliances. 'The steamer is big enough for steaming a big fish and can hold more than 30 litres. You can also steam cook a dozen crabs at the same time.'

But is it better than the traditional way of steaming? Tang says Siemens' built-in steam oven is designed to mimic the traditional way of steaming - where the steam comes from the bottom of the oven. The steamer and the steam oven can both store 1.3 litres of water and you never have to worry about burning. Siemens' appliances meet the highest European Union energy efficiency class classification, so they use much less fuel.

The steamer and combination steam oven fit into your lifestyle. Just set the meal time and the food will be cooked accordingly. With the three-level design, you can do three different dishes at the same time. The oven has also an award-winning 'light control' function which will show you how to steam cook step by step.

'Hongkongers enjoy cooking together with their friends in an open kitchen - it is important to keep the air fresh, the food healthy and the kitchen clean,' Tang adds. Steamers and steam ovens are equipped with a self-cleaning function to remove any grease and calcified deposits.

Keeping the food fresh is another important step towards healthy eating. 'Fresh food makes a dish delicious,' says Anita Kwok, of Madison (Hong Kong), which is the sole distributor of Sub-Zero in Hong Kong. 'But a regular freezer may trap the ethylene gas and odour from food and can spoil the freshness.'

The brand is popular among gourmets, such as celebrity chef Walter Kei Hiu-wah. 'Sub-Zero's BI freezer collection uses ultraviolet light and titanium dioxide to eliminate harmful substances,' Mo adds. Sub-Zero uses technology originally used in space shuttles to keep the food fresh. This process is used for sterilisation every 20 minutes, eliminating odour and bacteria, which can cause fruit and vegetables to rot.