Star power on show

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 23 July, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 23 July, 2011, 12:00am


Four lucky junior reporters got the opportunity to meet their idol, Canto-pop singer Chau Pak-ho, at the Men's Biore Celebrity Basketball Challenge 2011 on July 14.

Ying Wa College, a top local secondary school team, was invited to compete against Chau and other entertainers, including Alfred Hui, Adrian Chau and Daniel Chau.

Although it was not a competitive match - it was more of a showcase event - the fans were thrilled to see their idols in action.

Heyna Wong

As a junior reporter, I've had many memorable experiences. This was an absolutely amazing one.

I watched a basketball match between Ying Wa College and the celebrity team. Apparently the Ying Wa boys are very good players, but they kindly allowed the celebrities to claim victory.

However, the result was not so important. This match was designed to entertain fans, and indeed, I thought it was a wonderful 'exhibition game' that had it all.

I was truly thrilled to talk to Chau Pak-ho and take photos with him.

Janet Tam Ka-wing

Before the match, Chau Pak-ho admitted that he felt nervous.

'I have not played with them before on the basketball court,' Chau said. 'Nevertheless, this friendly match should be fun and enjoyable!'

The entertainers proved that singing was not their only talent by performing well against players from Ying Wa College.

The fans who packed the Southorn Stadium cheered wildly for the stars.

I was so excited to meet Chau Pak-ho in person and take a photo with him. He was really muscular.

I really hope I can play a basketball match with him one day. Chau Pak-ho put on a great show for his fans, scoring 16 points in the match.

The celebrity team won the game by 28 points to 19.

Ruby Leung

What's more exciting than seeing your favourite pop star play basketball?

Spectators at the game between Ying Wa College and the celebrity team included primary school students, die-hard fans of the pop stars, and of course, us, the media, who took advantage of every opportunity to interview and photograph the stars. The Ying Wa boys did not put in their best effort and the celebrity team won comfortably.

Luckily, I was able to take a photo with Chau Pak-ho before the game, but unfortunately, the event took up more time than expected, so I didn't have the chance to interview him.

Rachel Cheong

I had never attended any fan club meetings or events related to pop stars before. The Men's Biore Celebrity Basketball Challenge 2011 was the first time I had ever met them in person.

Previously, I thought most celebrities were cool towards their fans, but the 'basketball stars' were very friendly indeed.

This was also the first time I had watched a basketball match. In fact, I had never watched it on TV or the internet before.

I used to think basketball was a boring sport. But I have had a change of heart after watching the celebrity game. I think basketball can be an exciting sport, after all.

This was my best experience during my time as a YP cadet.