Pacific Place creates summer rhapsody with exotic music acts that use bottles and glasses

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 August, 2011, 12:00am


Pacific Place is celebrating the summer with two exotic international music acts in a programme called Summer Rhapsody.

Last weekend, The Bottle Boys, a group from Denmark, performed at the shopping centre. They specialise in making music by blowing into bottles (beer, soda and even large water jugs) filled with varying amounts of water.

Martin Handberg, Kaspar Frederiksen, Philipp Brodersen, Johannes Ettrup and Christopher Bogar met while attending university in Copenhagen.

'We were at a party and we were playing with the empty bottles, and we noticed you could play chords with the bottles,' Bogar said. 'And when you put two together, it's melodies.' So the quintet started performing together, initially on campus and at parties, then across Denmark, and now, Hong Kong.

'Hong Kong has blown our minds because Denmark does not have skyscrapers,' Handberg said. It is not just the group's first time in the city - it is also the first time they have left Europe.

The band performed a set of covers at Pacific Place, including Katrina and the Waves' Walking on Sunshine. They wrapped up with their speciality - the theme song from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

'Not many people know this, but the theme song of The Little Mermaid is actually from our country,' Handberg said. Next on the bill for Summer Rhapsody is the Glass Duo from Poland. As the name suggests, the duo make music using multiple glasses lined up horizontally, then play them like a piano. The Glass Duo will perform from Thursday to Sunday, and will return for an encore from August 11 to August 14.