Flexibility is an essential skill in an evolving market

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 June, 2016, 11:50am


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Chloe Ho (left) applied for the HSBC internship in business planning and strategy through her university's career services website. She says the summer internship has helped her explore opportunities that come with renminbi (RMB) internationalisation. She talks to Wong Yat-hei

What is your academic background?

I am taking up bachelor of science in economics with The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor of arts in philosophy, politics and economics [at the same university].

How do you start your day?

I review the latest reports on Hong Kong, China and the rest of the region, paying attention to money, capital and foreign exchange markets.

What does your job entail?

My work involves interpreting renminbi statistics and developing pitch presentations for clients and other external parties. The key skill needed is adaptability. Given the recent spotlight on the RMB, as well as the rapid regulatory changes in promoting its international use, it is important to be flexible.

What are the major challenges you have encountered so far?

The biggest challenge has been fully grasping the scope of the RMB business. Understanding developments in various products and markets takes so much time, effort and dedication.

What have you learned about your chosen career and what are your plans?

There are many opportunities in new markets and for entrepreneurial thinking. All this has encouraged me to stay in the field long term.

Any advice for potential interns?

Seize the chance to talk to as many people around you as possible. They are the most valuable learning resources. Colleagues can educate you much more effectively and faster than a textbook could.