Mission to find space

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 August, 2011, 12:00am


It's little wonder the average wardrobe in Hong Kong is unable to hold more than a couple of seasons worth of clothes.

This is a perennial problem for the fashion-savvy, says Eve Roth Lindsay, managing director of Savvy Style, but the real problem is how the space is used. To make the most of your wardrobe space, Roth Lindsay says it's important to first ruthlessly cut back on your clothes.

'Try on everything in your closet and keep in mind the following: Is it in fashion? Does the colour suit you? Is it comfortable? Is it practical? Is it appropriate for you? Does it look good on you or is it too long/short, big/small and can you move in it?

'Then sort your clothes into piles with the following criteria: Love it; not sure; hate it; memory but not wearing it. You will be left with a much smaller wardrobe that is much more user-friendly.'

Roth Lindsay recommends hanging clothes by categories such as shirts, skirts, pants and dresses. 'It will be much easier to select a missing item if all tops or bottoms are together in one area. In each category, you can sort by colours from light to dark to make it even easier to select.'

Regardless of whether they are plastic, wood or fabric, hangers should be the same type to keep clothing at the same eye level. Never use wire hangers as these will not support your clothes. Folded items are best on a shelf, rather than in drawers, as these provide easier access. 'Every time you buy something new, ask yourself what can you remove. Most of the time we buy something that is similar to what we already own. If you are constantly keeping on top of your wardrobe it shouldn't get so big that you don't know what you have in it.'

Scarves, belts and ties can be stored on rails or hooks. A multiple towel rail is ideal. If you have drawers, try a drawer divider for storing smaller items.

Sunglasses or eyeglasses should be stored in cases to keep them clean. Jewellery can be stored in clear plastic boxes that are usually used for tools or stationary so you can easily see what you have.

Shoes should be stored in a separate cupboard or shoeboxes. Avoid storing them in the same wardrobe as clothes, as they can make things smell musty.

Handbags must be stored with stuffing to hold their shape and it is also a good idea to keep them in their original fabric drawstring bags.

Make sure you can see what's inside your wardrobe and consider installing lights that come on automatically when the door is opened.

With Hong Kong's humidity, a dehumidifier is also a must to keep mould at bay.