Blue and white works for me

PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 August, 2011, 12:00am


There's enough blue and white-striped shirts in Alan Lo's closet to last him a month without wearing one twice. But to the people he sees regularly at the offices of the restaurant owners Press Room Group and the property developer Blake's, where he is co-founder and director, it looks like he just wears one or two in constant rotation.

'I have a lot of blue and white shirts and I wear them every day. People think that I don't change my clothes,' he says, laughing. 'But if you look closely, you will see that the stripes on the shirts are different. Some are wide, others are narrow, and a few are bluer than others.'

The shirts - from United Arrows, Aspesi, Charvet, Prada and Hermes - dominate his tidy closet, but, he says: 'I don't pay much attention to clothes. I don't think there is anything fashionable about me. I wear whatever is comfortable. I like simple, straightforward clothes. My future wife [hotelier and restaurateur Yenn Wong] has accused me of dressing like I am still at college.'

His everyday attire is of one of his many striped shirts, jeans, his watch and spectacles (a vintage Patek Philippe and Mykita, respectively) and designer sneakers from Hermes or Pierre Hardy. 'I collect cool sneakers that have a touch of quirkiness to them. I wear contemporary sneakers a lot because they don't make me look like a joke. Plus they can also look dressed up, even if they are inherently casual.'

Lo keeps his shoe collection in a row of hidden, floor-to-ceiling drawers in his hallway. Hermes and Pierre Hardys share shelf space with dressier lace-ups and loafers from Hart, Bottega Veneta and Lanvin.

There are hardly any suits in Lo's closet. What he does have are jackets from Rag & Bone and Rick Owens. He also has a lot of blazers, which he puts on when he has 'to look respectable'.

'Someone once said to me that, as a restaurant owner, I have to dress like the top 20 per cent of my clientele. That means no T-shirts and no hoodies,' says Lo.

Running five restaurants and overseeing the construction of a luxury apartment building on Hollywood Road keeps Lo busy. But his biggest project is his wedding in September - at Shaw Studios. On the day he will sport a custom-made suit from Thom Browne, the designer known for his shrunken jackets and floodwater trousers. 'I chose Thom Browne because I wanted a bit of quirkiness in my wedding suit,' says Lo.