PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 13 August, 2011, 12:00am


Keep the MPF true to its purpose

The Mandatory Provident Fund was set up to help ensure employees could afford to live in retirement, using contributions by themselves and their employers over the years.

But the maximum total contribution of HK$24,000 per year is already not enough to provide for the retirement years, so how could it be possible to allow phased withdrawals before retirement, as some people demand?

The government should not deviate from the original purpose of the scheme. Hongkongers should not only learn to save money from the time they are young but should also have the persistence to succeed in saving enough for their old age.

Eleanor Wong, Pooi To Middle School

Old exam format had its benefits

Students will take the first Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) exam and the last A-levels exam next spring.

People say I am fortunate to be in Form Five, because I will have to sit the HKDSE exam only. However, I prefer the old format.

Although students have three years to prepare for the HKDSE, they do not have enough time to absorb all the knowledge required.

Many students need to take extra classes during this summer vacation to catch up. Teachers and students are stressed.

Also, under the new system, students have to undergo school-based assessments for various subjects and an independent enquiry study for liberal studies. These increase the workload and pressure for students and teachers.

We Form Five students have seen how the Form Six students have grown after taking the HKCEE last year. They know which subjects they are best at and can concentrate on those courses. But we will not have a formal public exam to test our ability this year.

Those who took the HKCEE work much harder at their A-levels because they know where they need to improve. They are more mature.

Lo Yu-ting, Leung Shek Chee College

Use this chance to prepare for HKDSE

Most students find it tiring to go back to school during the summer holidays to prepare for the HKDSE, but I think this is good for them.

Firstly, they can ask their teachers immediately when they do not understand something in their textbooks, instead of wasting time struggling with it.

Secondly, when they take test and quizzes, students can get more practice at solving problems. They can learn from the mistakes they make and correct them.

Instead of complaining, we should take advantage of the opportunity and the resources we are being provided with and work hard during the holidays to give ourselves a chance to succeed on the HKDSE.

Many of our friends are doing the same, so we are not alone.

Wong Sin-yee, Pooi To Middle School

Beware of online shopping dangers

Nowadays, more Hongkongers are choosing to shop on the internet.

Many people find it convenient to stay at home and click their mice at any time, instead of spending time in a shopping centre searching for what they want to buy.

Online shopping also provides a great variety of products, with discounts and special offers to attract customers.

But Hongkongers have to be careful when making online purchases.

Granted, bargains are attractive. However, it is more important to consider quality first, rather than price.

There are many traps on the internet. Sometimes, there is a big difference between the photos and the real products. Consumers must think about the reputation of the vendors and double-check the products before they pay.

By and large, I think online shopping is beneficial to Hongkongers. However, people cannot ignore the potential dangers.

Koey Kwong, Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School

One solution to landfill shortage

Soon there won't be enough space for landfills to meet the needs of a growing population.

Scientists should find a way to send our rubbish into space on a rocket towards the sun. Let the heat from the sun burn up the trash.

Luk Wing-yan, Bethel High School