Brighten up those special occasions with gifts that are healthy and fun

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 14 August, 2011, 12:00am


If you love your pet, the chances are you'll want to pamper your precious pooch or furry feline with a gift on special occasions. Here are some pet-friendly products and ideas that you can find around Hong Kong.

For dogs to look and smell their best at all times, Hong Kong-based online shop Copa Cabbana ( features its own line of natural dog-care products called Bow Wow. All of Copa Cabbana's products are hand-blended in Thailand and produced one kilogram at a time to ensure consistent quality.

To get your dog's coat in tip-top shape, the Bow Wow Shampoo is scented with lemongrass essential oil, which softens the coat and nourishes sensitive skin. After its bath, give your dog a few sprays of Bow Wow Spritzer with lemon and bergamot essential oils for a fresh, clean smell. For paws that have been pounding the pavement, the Bow Wow Palm Balm acts as a moisturiser and also helps dogs with skin problems. Humans aren't the only ones who need a good night's sleep. Large dogs, such as German Shepherds, St Bernards and Labrador Retrievers are prone to joint problems later in life, so they may need a little extra level of comfort when it comes to sleeping. At Puplicity in Soho (, fleece beds and orthopaedic beds, in various sizes, are made of orthopaedic grade memory foam that moulds to the dog's, or cat's, body. This means your small, medium or even extra large-sized dog will get support in all the right places and sleep in supreme comfort.

If your canine companion likes to be waited on hand and paw, the Puplicity leather bed may be the answer with its built-in water bottle and food bowl.

When you need to go out but can't bear to leave your Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier at home, Puplicity has an ultralight-weight handbag dog carrier. Made of leather and suede, a mesh top can be zipped up for those times when your dog needs to be discreetly hidden while still allowing it to breathe freely.

If you are trying to teach your dog a new trick and it's just not working, try rewarding good behaviour with one of Puplicity's organic treats made with pure meat, such as chicken breast, beef tendon or pig's ear. The treats don't include any fillers, preservatives or flavourings.

When it's time to wish your dog 'happy birthday', try a cake from Three Dog Bakery ( Its mini-cake series is good for one to two dogs, with all the ingredients imported from the United States. Made with a spinach cake base and vegetable shortening, other ingredients may include vanilla, beetroot, orange and tomato.

Pawette pet boutique ( also offers birthday cakes with all natural ingredients, homemade doggie biscuits and mini-muffins. Other items include a range of chic canine products from Oops! My Dog. There are pastel coloured leashes, colourful cushions and a dining set with bone china bowl, scratch-resistant tray, and four non-slip bumps to prevent sliding during meal times.

For cat owners, splash out on toys that will be fun. At Whiskers N Paws (, the FroliCat-DART is an automatic rotating laser light that will amuse your cat for hours.

The laser also features variable speeds and timer settings with 16 combinations.

Almost every cat will find the Kong - Kickeroo wrestling catnip toy irresistable. Filled with catnip scent, the fuzzy tail shaped toy taps into a feline's instinctive nature to stalk and capture prey.