summer colours

PUBLISHED : Monday, 15 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 15 August, 2011, 12:00am


A well-mixed palette of colours produces vitality, and this is what our budding artists have in common in their entries to our summer theme, colours, this week. Charlotte Chan envisages the ideal ice cream to beat the heat, and Lucy Lam takes her inspiration from a stroll in Hongkongers' favourite entertainment park - Ocean Park. The hot-air balloon and the freedom it symbolises are what strike her as most representative of summer. Claudia Tam captures beautiful details with a macro-lens to express the big picture, but keeps it blurry to give our imagination free rein. Finally, Gabrielle Shamon photographs a model soaking in the sunbeams. Taking the picture against the light is a great idea to show the overwhelming power of the summer sun.

Best entry this week: Gabrielle Shamon, 15

This photo was taken in the mountains of Hong Kong on a sunny afternoon in June. The picture really brings out the colours of the sun's rays behind the model - a perfect representation of what this contest's theme is all about: colour.

First runner-up: Claudia Tam, 14

Summer reveals a beautiful and diverse world of vibrancy and hues. It is a time when everything becomes more magical, when you can build sandcastles until the night falls, when you can camp outdoors and count the stars in the sky. This image is only a glimpse of what summer embodies, but such glimpses form the big picture.

Second runner-up: Lucy Lam, 17

Summer is a season full of energy. We long for a vacation because it is the time for us to get rid of academic stress. In this photo, a hot-air balloon with cheerful colours is flying in the blue sky. The wide, blue sky always makes me feel peaceful. Blue is one of the primary colours, and it is my favourite colour!

Third runner-up: Charlotte Chan, 12

When I first heard about the competition, the picture of a perfect ice cream immediately popped into my head. That's why I have designed this vibrant, colourful and fantasy ice cream - the perfect summer treat. I made it mostly out of scrap materials, cutting out old paper and sticking on sequins. I used a variety of different shapes, lines and patterns such as the cone, stickers and background.