Get the skinny on chick pea dip

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 August, 2011, 12:00am


Eden Houmous

HK$75.50 for 250g, City'super

This caught my eye with its whole chickpeas and pine nuts under a layer of olive oil. Thick, creamy and smooth, it had the strongest beany flavour and was the most filling of the three. Pity about the pine nuts, though - they were tender when they needed more bite. Perhaps tossing in a handful of toasted pine nuts would help.

Verdict: if you like your hummus unadulterated, this is as wholesome as it gets.

Pilpel Baba Hummous

HK$68.50 for 200g, City'super

Not sure whether to go for baba ganoush or hummus? Have both, with this dip that blends chargrilled eggplant and fresh chickpeas. The baba ganoush gives it a light texture and adds a tangy taste dimension, which I felt accompanied crackers and pita bread better than crudites.

Verdict: a fusion of two legendary Middle Eastern dips, it's a unique alternative.

Emerald Valley Smoked Jalapeno & Garlic Hummus

HK$59 for 340g, City'super

I had this as a dip for home-made pita chips and raw baby carrots, as a spread in a ham sandwich, and as dressing for a corn and tuna salad. It was fabulous in every way. The jalapeno adds a subtle kick to the versatile dip, which will satisfy spicy food lovers, but won't overwhelm those with milder palates.

Verdict: flavourful, smooth and light, this was by far my favourite of the three.