summer colours

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 August, 2011, 12:00am


Entrants in the Young Post Summer Colours arts competition did a great job once again this week. Jade Lam used contrast, comparing two pictures and making comparisons within the pictures themselves to express the different aspects - and colours - of summer. Samantha Borje used the symbolism of a gate to express her vision of an adventurous summer. We like the angle she used, the different layers of trees and the warm tone. Minnie Yip painted the countryside of her imagination. We like the dots of colours scattered around like flowers, and the wooden bridge resembling a tree trunk bending just for you to get over the river and to your cottage. Alex Wong took an interesting perspective on our theme. His colourful portrait of an African woman is dedicated to people suffering and overcoming racial discrimination. Truly inspiring.

Best entry: Alex Wong, 17

Colours can sometimes be deceptive. My oil pastel painting depicts an African woman overcoming racial constraints and living each day with flying, vibrant colours. I hope the picture can inspire people to think colours shouldn't be what separate people, but rather what integrate and bring people together.

First runner-up: Minnie Yip, 13

Summer is a time for enjoying what life is really about: to stop pursuing fame, and feel the splendour of life's colours.

To me, the most relaxing thing to do in summer is to have a walk in the countryside, to sense the true beauty of nature. I want others to feel this, too, so I painted the view I saw in a lovely park in the countryside.

Second runner-up: Samantha Borje, 15

Summer is a time of adventure, of vivacity, and of warmth. This picture captures a moment in Ma On Shan that helped me envisage all of those aspects of summer.

The gate is beckoning for new journeys, the trees are surrounding the gate with life, and the afternoon sun is casting a lovely orange glow throughout the whole scene. The colour orange in particular is what does it for me; orange is what makes this image summer.

Third runner-up: Jade Lam, 14

These two photographs show the contrast between the hectic city and the tranquil countryside. I have attempted to capture the extraordinary beauty of both atmospheres.

These things give me hope in life, and I can believe that the world will always be beautiful, however it changes. There is not a lot of contrast in the flowers, but I think that is part of the breathtaking quality. On the other hand, the contrast between the boring London office buildings and the wondrous blend of colours in the sky is quite interesting.