Let your belly do the talking

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, 12:00am


I once made the decision to rent a flat in all of two seconds. As I walked through the front door, something inside me told me I'd found the right place. Making my way around the rooms, I got a really good vibe - safe, comfortable and settled. I just knew I'd be happy living there.

Rationally speaking, my decision made no sense. The condo was miles away from work, and the rent wasn't what I'd expected to pay.

But all that didn't matter because, in my heart, I knew I'd made the right choice. I ended up renting that flat for a few years and enjoyed some of the best moments of my life there.

My instincts have never failed me. Every time I made a decision based on my feelings - even if my head was signalling something else - that hunch usually turned out to be the right one.

We all receive intuitive messages every day. They show up as 'gut feelings' when we have to make a decision or are looking for answers to a problem.

Our instincts are also the 'warning bells' we hear when we're about to enter a dangerous situation, and they're the good or bad vibrations that radiate within us when we meet someone for the first time.

Cimone-Louise Fung, a Sydney-based clairvoyant and intuitive mentor, believes our bodies are our truth monitors because they offer immediate feedback and allow us to respond in certain situations. This, she says, is clairsentience - a gift we're all born with.

We feel the way we do for a good reason. Our intuition is like an inner compass, keeping us on the right path as we journey through life. It simply knows what's best for us. 'The body relays feelings, reactions and sensations for us to listen to,' says Fung. 'If we choose to ignore these messages, we'll remain stuck where we are.'

It's not called a 'gut feeling' for nothing, either. Hunches or vibes originate in your belly or solar plexus. In Japan, intuition is called 'stomach art'.

Since we're all blessed with the gift of clairsentience, Fung believes that every one of us has the solutions to our problems. We all know which direction to take because our gut tells us every day. However, most of us do not take the time to listen to what our inner voice tells us.

To communicate with our intuitive side, it's also vital to first quieten the conscious mind. 'You may be surprised to learn just how much your intuitive mind is suppressed by the constant bombardment of media and information,' says Fung. Letting go of this mental clutter, therefore, must be done before we can begin to tune in to that inner voice and develop our clairsentience further.

Meditation can certainly help with this process of letting go. According to Fung, meditation 'strengthens the ties to the spiritual self, which provides intuitive information'.

Another good way is simply to make time for yourself regularly. 'Any form of self-expression is useful,' Fung says. 'Let yourself go in ways that feel good to you, whether it's writing, swimming, running or some other activity. It's only through letting go that you can become aware, awake and alive.'

She adds never to compare yourself to others - realise that you are unique and amazing. And finally, be creative; it's how your soul expresses itself.

You'll sometimes find your head overriding what your gut is telling you. This is your ego - the part of yourself that is concerned with image and the physical, and not necessarily concerned with your higher good. The messages you receive from your ego, therefore, may not always be in your best interests. The best answers come from the gut.

The next time you find yourself stuck or in need of clarity, activate your inner compass: sit, relax and be still, allowing your thoughts to come and go. Focus on your breathing and stay in the present. Now, notice what happens in your solar plexus. Place your hand on this area and allow it to 'speak' to you, says Fung. Remember, she says, 'If it's light, it's right. If it's heavy, it's a lie.'

So, if your body feels light and you experience a soft, pleasant feeling in your gut, this is your inner voice saying yes.

If you experience a tightening sensation that makes you feel heavy or burdened, your intuition is saying no. If you don't get an answer right away, repeat the process the next morning.

'Anyone can tap into the subtle vibrations, which often have hidden powerful messages,' Fung says. 'If you tap into this psychic potential often and continue to develop this inner resource, it will be with you for life.'