Rising young stars prove their mettle at competition

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 24 August, 2011, 12:00am


The Hong Kong Open Wushu Championships helped many student athletes showcase their talents. Taiji girl Juanita Mok, who had recovered from the injury she suffered during training for the China Student Games, shone. The Hong Kong team member won two gold medals in taijiquan and gunshu as well as a silver in taijijian.

Her fellow Hong Kong teammate, Jenna Yu, won three silver medals last time around. This year she took a gold in nanquan and two silver medals in nandao and nanguan. Jenna told Young Post she will need to make adjustments to her lifestyle soon.

'During the China Students' Games in July, I got into the habit of going to sleep later at night. Now I don't need to spend the whole day competing or training anymore,' Jenna noted. 'School will start soon and I will need to get more rest to prepare for busy days ahead.'

The boys, too, put on a good show. Steven Chan Chung-tin came first in nanquan by a tiny margin over his Hong Kong teammate Wyatt Lee Kin-fai. Steven earned 8.56 points for his taolu while Wyatt got 8.55.

Steven came second in nandao and third in qiangshu.

'I felt lucky to beat Wyatt in nanquan but I am disappointed by my performance in the qiangshu event,' he said.

'I made a minor error and that cost me the gold medal. Qiangshu is my best event but it's also the riskiest in terms of making errors.'

Steven will now focus on next month's Hong Kong Age Group Wushu Competition.

'I did rather badly in qiangshu at that competition last year and I hope I can do well this time,' he said.