Ex-lover 'Chased me with chopper'

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 27 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 27 August, 2011, 12:00am


A wealthy businessman told a court yesterday how his former mistress chased him down eight flights of stairs wielding a chopper.

The man, identified only as Mr X, claims he was being blackmailed by the woman, Ki Chun-yim, 39, after he ended their relationship.

Mr X, who suffered from heart problems, told the District Court he admitted himself to hospital for a regular check-up in December 2007 to 'hide' from Ki.

But he went to her home the next day.

'There was a knife on the bed,' he said. 'The defendant said she wanted to kill me if I refused to pay ... then she went into the kitchen to grab a chopper.

'So I immediately dashed out of the door and ran down eight flights of stairs while the defendant was chasing behind.

'I was still carrying a medical gadget at the time which read my heartbeat at 176. I told my psychiatrist and cardiologist and they warned me not to take further risks.'

But he said: 'Physically I completely broke down. For three months [after the chase], I was trembling even after covering myself with three quilts. For four months, I was bedridden and was completely unable to work ... I used to work 14 or 15 hours a day.'

He said he was so intimidated he did not dare refuse to see Ki or reject her phone calls.

He was even too frightened to turn down her requests for sex, the court was told. He said: 'My life was even more painful than dying.

'Every morning when I woke up, I had already received 30 missed phone calls. If I did not return her call within 12 hours, she would threaten me again.'

Mr X also rejected the defence claim that Ki only caused trouble because of her emotional state.

'Most of the time when she threatened me, she was very calm and cool,' he said.

Ki, a public relations manager, has pleaded not guilty to nine counts of blackmail involving HK$139 million and one count of perverting the course of justice.

Mr X said Ki mistakenly believed that he was 'super rich'.

'Sometimes she asked for HK$8 million and sometimes HK$10 million. To me, HK$10 million was an astronomical figure,' he said.

'Even after working so hard for some 20 years, most of the time I do not have that much savings.

'I told the defendant during the financial tsunami that I only had hundreds of thousands of dollars in my account and my properties were in negative equity. I told her I was not a wealthy man.'

Mr X said he had been advised by both police and his lawyers that there would not be enough evidence to take any legal action against Ki, even though she allegedly made repeated death threats.

'Every time, the police simply told me it was only domestic violence, squabbles between a couple that could be resolved between ourselves.

'They told me she came to me for maintenance, even though I told them she tried to blackmail me.'

The businessman told District Court Judge Kevin Browne he had sought legal advice at least five or six times about getting an injunction against Ki. He had also instructed a lawyer to issue a letter to Ki in an attempt to stop her threats.

'I resorted to different ways - like police, lawyers and trying to apply for an injunction - to stop her. But I was simply told there was not enough evidence.'

The hearing will continue on Monday.