Artistic impressions

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 28 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 28 August, 2011, 12:00am


Just as the first robin signals the arrival of spring, the flood of press releases from galleries and art spaces in my inbox this week heralds the beginning of the autumn/winter exhibition season. I'm still struggling to make sense of some of them. 'Facilitated by technology and integrating permutations of motion to simulate a sequence of corporeal suspension, One Hour [by video/mixed media artist Morgan Wong at 2P Contemporary Art Gallery] also proffers the viewer a hypothetical paradox where all time and spatial distinctions are rendered mentally and physically obsolete.' Anyone?

After a two-month hiatus, many of us are looking forward to seeing some interesting art again and the upcoming shows at the bigger galleries sound promising. Digital media artist Wong Chung-yu, whose last solo outing was 2008 at Grotto Fine Art, will have a new show at Hanart TZ Gallery. 'Realm of Illusion', from September 9, will focus on ink art and is an extended study of how the artist combines Chinese painting with digital media.

Australia-based painter Vincent Fantauzzo - who won the Archibald People's Choice Award in 2008 and 2009 - returns to 10 Chancery Lane Gallery next month with new works that he collaborated on with British film director Barney Howells. The collection features 15 big pieces, and merges painting with narrative storytelling.

The Cat Street Gallery will also showcase three artists from Australia - Joshua Yeldham, Clinton Nain and Tim Summerton - this autumn. Look out for some of Nain's paintings that are influenced by Aboriginal cultural politics - his motifs looks spookily like that of Hong Kong's painter/performance artist Kwok Mang-ho, or Frog King.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery will show works by Robert Piolidori, who has twice won the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography. 'Ars Memorativa' (the art of memory) will open on September 15, with mesmerising, large-scale colour photographs capturing, among other scenes, the grand restoration of the Palace de Versailles in France and the decaying mansions of Havana in Fidel Castro's Cuba. Blindspot's gallery in Central and annex in Wong Chuk Hang will show works from September 10 by Chinese photographers Rong Rong and his Japanese wife/artistic partner, inri. And the Gagosian Gallery will hold a retrospective for Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi at the end of September.

Independent art space C&G Artpartment will continue their 'Primitive Contemporary' series that returns to the basics of making art. The latest show, to be held in October at the Artist Commune in Depot Artist Village, will look at sculptural pieces that are powered by 'manual mechanism'. Also in October, Ooi Botos Gallery and Galerie Steph will present Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, best known for his erotic portraits of women. It should raise the room temperature, and a few eyebrows.