Baby carrier

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 28 August, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 28 August, 2011, 12:00am

Cybex is a German company that designs children's car seats, pushchairs and baby carriers whose 'over-average safety and quality and unmistakable design join forces with intelligent functionality'. With an assertion like that, I expected its Callisto 3-in-1 system to be the BMW of baby transport systems.

The Callisto comprises a wheeled frame to which you can attach a carrycot, car seat and buggy, making it usable from birth up to three years. Attaching the three different elements was fairly straightforward; I had a bit of a tussle to remove the buggy seat but didn't get to the point of swearing once - quite an achievement for assembling a pram.

The frame is pretty solid. The brake and folding catches release by foot; I struggled to operate both in my flip flops. However, once folded it was quite compact and easy to lift into the boot of a car.

This brings me to the car seat. I liked this best of all the modes as it's the one I use most with my eight-week-old son. We're in and out of taxis a lot, so it makes more sense to use this than a buggy attachment. The car seat is super-comfy, and my little boy seemed very happy in it. Happily, we didn't get the opportunity to test its safety, but it appears robust.

Cybex prides itself on products that suit an urban environment. The Callisto manoeuvred through the crowded streets of Hong Kong extremely well, though my particular carrier had very squeaky wheels - I wanted to give them a good squirt of oil. It's nice and light, which is essential given the many escalators and baby-unfriendly staircases.

The carrycot is lovely and padded yet firm. It is the perfect sleeping place for a baby either on-the-move or at rest. I don't know anyone in a big city with a carrycot attachment because inside space comes at such a premium and it's hard to negotiate the streets with such a bulky piece of equipment. Nevertheless, I'll give it the thumbs up.

Most mums want their prams to be able to hold all their essentials and have room for shopping, too. The Callisto passes this test with flying colours; there's a spacious basket underneath and a frame takes a heavy bag without tipping over.

I wasn't wild about the 'Purple Potion' colour, but there are other more subtle options.

Verdict: I'd give it seven out of 10. Is it a BMW? Perhaps not - maybe more like a sturdy Volkswagen. The Callisto 3-in-1 system will set you back a whopping HK$16,080.

Available from Kingkow and Qi shops, and Mama's Dear, shop 223, Home Square, Sha Tin