Blackmail case Mr X 'evasive as a witness'

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 03 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 03 September, 2011, 12:00am


A wealthy businessman who claims he was the victim of a HK$139 million blackmail plot by his former mistress was said yesterday to have no credibility as a witness.

A defence lawyer told the District Court he was evasive when questioned and had exaggerated his evidence to create a case against the ex-lover, Ki Chun-yim, 39.

Ki, who decided not to take the stand in her defence, faces nine charges of blackmailing the businessman, 50, identified only as X.

Lawrence Lok SC told the court: 'Mr X was evasive in his evidence. Whenever he was cross-examined he simply kept on repeating the threats he was allegedly subjected to, instead of answering the questions directly.'

The seven-day trial heard that Ki tried to extort cash from X after he ended their relationship.

It was claimed she threatened to kill his wife, daughter and business partner, even though she had already been given HK$10 million.

Lok asked the court not to give too much weight to X's evidence, stressing that the blackmail allegation arose from his unsuccessful plan to break up with Ki.

While X claimed he was persistently intimidated by Ki, he nevertheless had accompanied her to court when she was placed on a good behaviour bond for attacking him.

'His conduct did not support his assertion of being in constant fear,' Lok said.

Lok also said that X's claim of intimidation over a two-year period from 2007 and 2009 was not substantiated. The court heard that X had sought help from police at least seven times, but Ki was not arrested until December last year.

Lok suggested this was because X made no mention of blackmail to police through the two years of alleged intimidation because it was non-existent.

'If Mr X had made the complaints to the policemen with the vigour he displayed in court, all the policemen involved would have been in gross dereliction of their duties,' Lok said.

'We submit that [X] was trying to break up with [Ki] but without success. When he told the truth to the police officers attending the scene - that is, the dispute was domestic violence-related without any blackmail - the police rightfully played down the matter.'

Lok also said that testimony by X's business partner Mr Y about his alleged abduction in Shenzhen, masterminded by Ki, should not be taken as evidence. Lok said X also exaggerated Ki's actions in order to build a case against her.

Judge Kevin Browne will deliver the verdict on Thursday. Ki was remanded in custody.

The court has heard that X decided to walk out of his relationship with Ki after she hired a private eye to keep watch on him.

It was claimed that after the break-up, Ki demanded huge sums of money by threatening to hurt the man's family and friends.

She drove X and his wife to the verge of insanity and to the point that they required psychiatric treatment, the court heard.

It was also alleged that she once chased X down eight flights of stairs while wielding a chopper and forced him to have sex with her at knifepoint.