Man told to settle stalking claims with ex-lover

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 03 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 03 September, 2011, 12:00am


A man seeking an injunction to stop his former girlfriend from harassing him was yesterday told to try to settle the matter out of court.

Madam Justice Queeny Au Yeung Kwai-yue told engineer Lau Tat-wai that doing so would be better than washing dirty laundry in public.

Lau's former girlfriend, Joey Yip Lai-kuen, a nurse employed by the Hospital Authority, had stalked him, caused him to lose his jobs, and told neighbours he had Aids, the writ says.

'If things can be done in an amicable way, why go to litigation? Why [let the matter be] watched in public?' Au Yeung asked. She told lawyers for the pair to give proper advice to their clients. 'I hope the matter will not come back to court.'

The judge said the accusations, if verified, were serious but she hoped something could be done. 'It may not need to go to may not even require mediation,' she said.

Prior to Au Yeung's remarks, Lau's lawyer had indicated to the court that Lau would want to go to trial.

The case was adjourned for Yip to prepare a defence and for Lau to reply. Lau agreed not to seek an interim injunction for the time being after Yip's lawyer promised that she would not harass him.

Lau, who has applied for legal aid to seek the injunction, said Yip had 'extreme attention-seeking tendencies'. He did not say whether he would to pursue the lawsuit as he left court.

Yip did not attend court yesterday. Her lawyer said she denied all the allegations.

According to the writ filed by Lau, Yip had employed different strategies to harass and intimidate him for four years after they ended a four-month relationship that had began in 2007, when they met on a Japanese-language course.

A year after the break-up, Yip allegedly learned that Lau was travelling to Shanghai, and she obtained his travel details from a friend of his. She then booked the same return flight as him, even though he had not told her he would be travelling.

She allegedly used Lau's personal particulars to apply for a job at the company where he had worked without his consent, and caused a nuisance to his employer.

He was later forced to quit his job as an engineer with a salary of HK$16,200.

Red paint was splashed on the door of Lau's home and on his mother's back when she was walking in the street.

In April this year, she put posters in his neighbours' mailboxes saying he was impotent and infected with Aids, the writ says. The harassment led Lau and his family to move to Shenzhen for a month. Lau is also claiming damages.