Delivering on a promise

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 05 September, 2011, 12:00am


With more serviced offices in the pipeline in Hong Kong and the region, there is every opportunity for those interested in offering the perfect client service to develop a career in the field.

Whether it is sales or operations, employees should keep in mind they are dealing with clients day in, day out.

'It's not like you go to work with one group of people every day. You will meet people from different cultures, with different expectations and requirements,' says Lachlan Sloan, group director of Compass Offices. 'You have to think on your feet, and be knowledgeable on how to react to different people.'

The company, established in October 2009 and which aims at an initial public offering within four years, has set up serviced offices in more than 14 locations in three countries over the past two years. Seven or eight locations are expected to open across Asia next year.

'We are fortunate that globally, serviced offices are a growing market, and we are riding that trend,' says Sloan, who co-founded Compass with Andrew Chung, both frequent users of serviced offices but who were often disappointed with services provided. They decided to set up their own chain as they saw a 'missed opportunity' in the market for a company which delivers.

'A lot of our [staff] are not from the industry and we leverage people's commercial experience. We look at the attitude of the person more than the skills,' he says.

Serviced offices are in need of salespeople most often, Sloan adds. There are also many operations and back-of-the-house positions, such as customer services, marketing, human resources, information technology or finance.

For sales positions, experience in real estate sales is an advantage, but not a must. However, applicants have to demonstrate an established track record with good results. They have to be driven, passionate and want to make a difference. They have to be able to build relationships with clients, listen to requirements and find solutions.

'If you have great people, you can do great things. If the personality and the attributes of the applicant are very good, we will find a place for them, even if it is not immediately obvious where they fit in,' Sloan says.

He adds that Compass offers good career opportunities. 'The opportunity for growth is endless. With new offices coming online, promotion of those who develop and prove themselves is fast, and this even includes secondment to overseas destinations.'