New collection helps cut electronic pollution

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 September, 2011, 12:00am


Imagine owning a watch that is not only elegant, unusual, beautiful and functional, but also protects health.

That is exactly what innovative entrepreneur and designer Christie Wo has come up with in the Chouette Teslar watch collection, due to be shown at the Brand Name Gallery of the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair.

Wo's Chouette Teslar watch contains a pioneer Teslar chip designed to emit a 7 to 9 Hertz Alpha wave signal which interacts with and strengthens the human body's own electromagnetic energy field, reducing the negative effects of electronic pollution on health.

Wo says she developed the new collection after suffering from headaches while talking on her mobile phone, and she was becoming concerned about the influence of electronic pollution on health. The design is aimed at the health- and fashion-conscious, and city dwellers who use electronic equipment regularly.

'Simply place the watch on the wrist over the triple warmer meridian, an important acupuncture point in the body's energy system,' Wo explains. 'It will then emit a specialised signal spread that surrounds the body within a bubble or cushion, so most other frequencies cannot enter. Those frequencies that do penetrate this reinforced 'cocoon' are more easily eliminated by the brain's natural frequency screening mechanism.

'Scientifically proven by top United States and British scientists, Chouette Teslar helps to shield one from the influences of electronic pollution, putting your body back in balance.'

In each watch, there is a specially designed chip which works with the watch's standard components: the watch battery, which creates an electric field; and the quartz-crystal timing coil, which creates a magnetic field.

The Teslar chip interacts with these two fields to create a zero-point (scalar) waveform, a waveform alive with checked and balanced energies. It is created in such a way that it mimics the earth's natural frequency, providing protective energy with the tick of every second.